Welcome to the Tucson Summer Pro League for Kids

The Tucson Summer Pro League, founded in 2004 by former Arizona Wildcat and ESPN college basketball analyst Corey Williams is a unique league focused on player development and enjoying the game of basketball. 

Basketball is special in the city of Tucson and the TSPL is made possible by a number of wonderful Tucson area businesses. Their support allows an affordable league for participants and free entertainment for die-hard basketball fans each summer. Admission is FREE and all games are open to the public.


2023 TSPL for Kids


This year’s TSPL for kids offers 3 different leagues: Boys (10-11), Boys (12-13) & Girls (10-13).

Games will be played June 3 – 16 July at the Gregory School.

OPEN RUN – MAY 6, 2023


Click the button below for the league that you’d like to register and fill out the associated form.

Open Run will be May 6th at the Gregory School (3231 N. Craycroft Rd., Tucson, AZ)