Bruce Foundation and Pascua Yaqui

By Samaiya Valenzuela

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe won their matchup against the Bruce Foundation 41-33 and the game was competitive from the start.

John Williams (#1) and Aiden (#11) scored the most buckets for Team Pascua with 9 points each. Mason Gordon (#9) was the highest scorer for the Bruce Foundation with 8 points. 

In the first half Team Pascua’s Gabe Palimo (#10) had a few steals and Gordon snatched back to back rebounds for the Bruce Foundation. 

Then Alana Felix (#6) grabbed back to back rebounds and drew a foul for Team Bruce in the second half. 

Team Bruce was able to shorten Pascua’s lead to 21-19 at the end of the third quarter. 

Palimo got fancy with a layup in the fourth quarter and with four minutes left in the game team Pascua was up 31-28. Augustin Ochoa (#9) grabbed a rebound for a nice put back to give Pascua 2 more points. 

Gordon got a steal and made a 2-point bucket for The Bruce Foundation, right after he snatched a few key rebounds for his team. 

Jorgealan Perez (#3) got a steal for Bruce then minutes later Gordon hit a three-point shot but it wasn’t enough to get them the win.  

Ace Hardware and Truly Nolen

By Ralph Zamora and Carina Dominguez

The game was competitive the whole time with both teams scoring back to back points and it resulted in an Ace Hardware win 44-42.

Ace Hardware started off strong with a three pointer. Then Zaire Hayes (#4) grabbed a steal for Truly Nolen.

Aiden Tesley (#8) made a layup and drew the foul for Ace. He also made the extra point. Then Truly Nolen’s Mateo Pichardo (#2) made a nice assist to Hayes. 

Ace Hardware’s Alexis Duran (#2) blocked a shot but Truly Nolen was up 24-23 at the half. 

Going into the 3rdquarter this head to head match up continued to push the foul count.

Truly Nolen’s Ezra Jacobs (#11) had a block then Israel Varela (#12) hit a three pointer for Ace.

Jaiden Sanders (#9) hit the last shot in the 3rdquarter for Ace to bring the score to 34-34 going into the 4thquarter. 

Sanders started the 4thwith a steal. Varela was fouled and missed the free throw with three seconds left in the game but they were up and won the game.

Crest Insurance and Texas Roadhouse

By Ralph Zamora

To start the game Crest Insurance got the tip-off and played competitively but the game ended with a 48-37 Texas Roadhouse win. 

In the first quarter Crest Insurance started strong but Texas Roadhouse came back and took the lead to end the first quarter. 

In the second quarter Texas Roadhouse was doing good with players like Amy Perez (#5) playing great defense. Gerron Granon (#9) was playing great defense too, with two great steals. 

In the third quarter, Texas Roadhouse got a lot of possessions over Crest Insurance. And right at the end of the quarter Daniela Duarte (#6) made a 3-point buzzer beater shot for Texas Roadhouse but they were still down 40-26 going into the fourth. 

During the last quarter Crest started to make a comeback until Texas Roadhouse’s Zion Hilton (#7) and Tate Snelgrove (#10) stole the ball and stopped their momentum. 

Bruce Baca and Window Depot

The game started with Bruce Baca Real Estate getting the tip-off and getting blocked on their first shot by Window Depot’s Brayden Holley (#11). But that didn’t signify the results because Bruce Baca ended up winning 69-42.

Robert Soto got a steal for Bruce Baca to end the first quarter. Bruce Baca Real Estate was up 11-8 going into the second quarter.

Aiden Tesley went off for Window Depot making multiple baskets and steals for his team. He was the leading scorer with 22 points.

Kyron Jones (#7) was scoring layups, grabbing steals and snatching layups for his team on the other end of the court for Bruce Baca. 

Tesley blocked Jones at the end of the quarter, Window Depot came back leading 16-12 going into halftime. 

Aiden Tesley was still making steals for Window Depot in the third quarter but Jake Riley for Bruce Baca was always there for rebounds.

Bruce Baca’s Isaiah Estrada led his team into the fourth with a 2-pointer, was fouled and made the extra point. He got fancy with one of his layups later, hitting a spin move for two and sealing the deal for team Bruce Baca Real Estate.

Moore Law and Seattle Seacats

By Jocelyn Flores

Despite a big third quarter from the Seattle Seacats, Moore Law Firm edged out the Seacats 50-47. The game started off with Moore Law getting the tip-off and hitting a three-point shot.

Throughout the first half Moore Law Firm’s Paul Olivarez snagged rebounds, made layups and was diving for the ball. 

Jake Lupo was also diving for loose balls and sinking threes for the Seacats. At the end of the first half Moore Law was leading 20-18. 

During the third quarter Edwin Crandall made a big impact for the Seacats. He was making nice passes, grabbing rebounds and wasn’t afraid to dive for the ball. 

Crandall was the highest scorer on his team with 13 points. Moore Law Firm’s highest scorer was Aidan Tesley with 16 points. 

The Bruce Foundation vs Crest Insurance

In the Bruce Foundation’s overtime victory Player of the Game Mason Daffron scored 21 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. The competitiveness ramped up in the third quarter with both teams fighting for the lead. Jackson Williams had back-to-back three point plays for Window Depot. He hit a three pointer and on the very next possession made a two-point play worth three when he was fouled and sent to the line. Isaiah Hill had a steal, then grabbed a rebound before hitting a three in the first quarter for Window Depot but it wasn’t enough momentum to get them the win. Jackson Williams snagged 7 rebounds and scored 24 points to be named Player of the Game for Window Depot. 

Truly Nolan vs Crest Insurance

Game three of the day ended with a Truly Nolan win over Crest Insurance, 55-48. Zaire Hayes locked down the Player of the Game title leading his team in scoring and rebounding with 22 points and 8 rebounds. Crest Insurance Player of the Game Jaiden Sanders also had 8 rebounds. He also led his team in scoring with 16 points. 

SeaCats vs Bruce Baca Real Estate

The Seattle SeaCats edged out the Bruce Baca Real Estate team by three points for a 37-34 victory. After a Bruce Baca Real Estate turnover they got possession back with a steal that resulted in a foul that sent Jake Lupo to the line. Aztlan Ortiz went up for his own rebound and put back to add two points on the board for the SeaCats. Gaby Olivas got in on the fun with an assist to Aidan Teasley who scored two and drew a foul. Player of the Game Rey Figueroa had a clean block that led to a turnover and resulted in a two point play for the SeaCats. 

Clausen & Moore and Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse came out on top with a win against Clausen & Moore Law Firm, 52-46. Player of the Game Melvin Stubbs led his team in scoring and set a personal record with 23 points. Tate Snelgrove racked up 12 rebounds in the victory. In the first quarter, Texas Roadhouse’s Amy Perez managed to get back three of her rebounds in a row before sinking a layup. Gerron Graham hit a buzzer beater shot to give Texas Roadhouse two more points before the second quarter. Not only did Snelgrove have a clean block in the second quarter that resulted in a Texas Roadhouse possession, he put some flare in his game with a reverse layup. The game was tied up at the end of the third quarter. Clausen & Moore put up a fight throughout the last quarter, the team’s were neck and neck until Texas Roadhouse broke away at the end. Clausen & Moore received some unexpected help in the last seconds of the game when Texas Roadhouse’s Zion Hulton made a two point shot in the wrong basket but it wasn’t enough to secure them a win.

Pascua Yaqui vs ACE Hardware

The matchup between ACE Hardware and team Pascua Yaqui resulted in ACE Hardware’s second win this summer. Adam Bernal led ACE Hardware to the victory and was named player of the game for the second day in a row. Team Pascua Yaqui was in the lead during the first half but team ACE Hardware quickly caught up. By the end of the 3rdquarter both teams were tied. In the 4thquarter a steal by ACE Hardware’s Roberto Flores led to Bernal sinking a three. The Pascua Yaqui team responded to the points they were putting up but it wasn’t enough to secure the win.