TSPL Players

The following players have been selected to play in the 2017 Tucson Summer Pro League. Please click the button below to pay your registration fee. If you attended the open run but are not on the list or were not able to attend the open run and would like to play, please contact Corey Williams at (520) 304-3373 corey@tucsonspl.comor Carl Graham at carl@tucsonspl.com

Dommenik Banks

Earl Davis

Jeffery Jensen

John Priest

James Brown

Ricardo De La Riva

Roland Jones

Raymond Reid

John Burch

Phillip Duran Jr

John Kemp

Antwan Roberson

Maurice Burks

Chris Erickson

Randy Koch

Leo Rocha

Nate Burks

Marco Escobar

Dakota Kordsiemon

Nick Rosenquist

Brandon Burnett

Kurt Foreman

Marcus Lewis

LJ Ruffin

Bryce Burnett

Isaac Gallegos

Chaz Mack

Matt Ryan

Oscar Caballero

Gaberil Gaxiola

Andres Martinez

Angel Shelby Jr.

Roger Campa

Cameron Gause

Marc Matthews

Corey Starks

Adam Campillo-Herber

Avery Gibson

Nicholas McHenry

Luis Tellez

Veron Chapple Jr.

Jerron Golden

Isaiah McKay

Adam Thompson

Ignacio Chavez

Matthew Gradillas

Brian Mc William

Jarred Timmons

Mike Curry

Thomas Green

Anthony Michaels

Zaveonta Upshur

Dyshere Cutler

Richard Hammond

Jamier Morris

Aaron Valencia

Kalliffa Daniels

Caleb Highley

Reggie Phillips

Robert White

Justin Daiber

Garrett Jackson

Francisco Portillo

Donte Williams

Isais Jaure

Dwyane Willis

Registration Payment


Players are encouraged to follow @Summerpro on Twitter and like the Tucson Summer Pro League on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

If you have any questions or are interested in playing in this year’s TSPL? Please contact Carl Graham @ carl@tucsonspl.com