Crest Insurance and Texas Roadhouse

By Ralph Zamora

To start the game Crest Insurance got the tip-off and played competitively but the game ended with a 48-37 Texas Roadhouse win. 

In the first quarter Crest Insurance started strong but Texas Roadhouse came back and took the lead to end the first quarter. 

In the second quarter Texas Roadhouse was doing good with players like Amy Perez (#5) playing great defense. Gerron Granon (#9) was playing great defense too, with two great steals. 

In the third quarter, Texas Roadhouse got a lot of possessions over Crest Insurance. And right at the end of the quarter Daniela Duarte (#6) made a 3-point buzzer beater shot for Texas Roadhouse but they were still down 40-26 going into the fourth. 

During the last quarter Crest started to make a comeback until Texas Roadhouse’s Zion Hilton (#7) and Tate Snelgrove (#10) stole the ball and stopped their momentum.