Bruce Baca and Window Depot

The game started with Bruce Baca Real Estate getting the tip-off and getting blocked on their first shot by Window Depot’s Brayden Holley (#11). But that didn’t signify the results because Bruce Baca ended up winning 69-42.

Robert Soto got a steal for Bruce Baca to end the first quarter. Bruce Baca Real Estate was up 11-8 going into the second quarter.

Aiden Tesley went off for Window Depot making multiple baskets and steals for his team. He was the leading scorer with 22 points.

Kyron Jones (#7) was scoring layups, grabbing steals and snatching layups for his team on the other end of the court for Bruce Baca. 

Tesley blocked Jones at the end of the quarter, Window Depot came back leading 16-12 going into halftime. 

Aiden Tesley was still making steals for Window Depot in the third quarter but Jake Riley for Bruce Baca was always there for rebounds.

Bruce Baca’s Isaiah Estrada led his team into the fourth with a 2-pointer, was fouled and made the extra point. He got fancy with one of his layups later, hitting a spin move for two and sealing the deal for team Bruce Baca Real Estate.